Caprice and Joel 9.2.18 Cabin creek lodge, Easton

Fall is really here. We swear that it happened over night. The leaves are falling off the trees, we are drinking significantly more red than white wine, and we are seeing mustard everywhere (and we love it). This summer has graciously introduced some incredible human beings into our lives. The amount of passion, creativity, comfort, and inspiration that we have come across is so, seriously unbelievable. We have never been so grateful for the overwhelming amount of motivation that has flown our way. We are in the right industry, and we can feel it.

There was one couple in particular this summer season that will always remain close in our hearts. There was something so genuine about our initial FaceTime conversation with Caprice and Joel. You could tell they were just a rad couple simply trying to plan a wedding that their friends and family could enjoy. We couldn’t wait to help bring their vision to life.

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

Caprice and Joel chose one of the coolest outdoor spaces we have ever seen. Plopped off I-90 E in Easton, Washington sits one of the loveliest cabins. With the ability to sleep up to 40 (queen sized bunk beds, holler!) and camp even more, Caprice and Joel invited their friends and families to join them at the cabin and camp the night away.

We arrived at Cabin Creek Lodge the night before to find a horse standing in the middle of the arbor. If we hadn’t already known that this was going to be an incredible night, this moment alone would have sealed the deal.

The Details
Were so personalized. Caprice and Joel did such an amazing job at being specific about what was important to them and what was not. They had certain things that they wanted to incorporate and those were the things they addressed their energy towards. They were doing things for the right reasons and we couldn’t want to support them any more during the process.  

Their décor wasn’t over thought, and in fact we felt it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Both Caprice and Joel are crazy about beer (but can we blame them?). Their centerpieces consisted of various sized beer bottles, stripped of their logo, with delicate blooms springing out of them. They were tasteful, personalized, and simple enough to make a statement.

The Florals
Completed the overall look. We were over the moon when we heard that we were working with Gina with From the Ground Up Floral. But what we felt after Gina finished her work that day was something else. Caprice and Joel continued on the beer theme with heavy hops in their floral arrangements.  

Their entire arbor arrangement consisted of perfectly draped hops with lush blooms nestled in. It was something that we had never seen before, and something that we will never forget. It was natural, aesthetically pleasing, personal, and everything in between.

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

Anything and Everything Else
When we think back to this day, we think about the incredible people that Caprice and Joel are. We could go on and on about the beauty and ambiance that was created, but at the end of the day, nothing compared to the comfort and kinship we felt with Caprice and Joel.

The night before the wedding Caprice and Joel housed us in the same darling two-bedroom cottage that they were staying in. Although, “untraditional” (but, like, what does that even mean these days?) Caprice and Joel spent the night together the evening before their wedding. To be honest, this couldn’t resonate anymore with us. They spent the evening writing sweet letters to their future in-laws and one another. They put the “norm” aside and did what was important to them, and we will never forget that.

Their evening carried on with bomb bar-b-que from Smokey’s in Cle Elum (couldn’t have fit the theme and night anymore) and eventually ended with the most perfectly choreographed twostep dance. The two had taken lessons in preparation for their first dance. It was so special and so sincere. The way the two looked at each other the entire time was unforgettable.

We made our way back to Seattle that night with our buckets pretty dang full. We replayed the night in our heads and went through our iPhone pictures over and over again. Thank you, Caprice and Joel, for opening your hearts and day to us. We can’t wait to follow your journey together and husband and wife!

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

Photo by: Chelsea Reece -

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