Clips and Heels | Crocs and Fanny Packs

One of the biggest questions we get asked when chatting about our profession is “do you wear headsets when you work?!”. As much as we love the movie The Wedding Planner and would love to compare ourselves to Jennifer Lopez on the daily, there continues to be a misconception of what role a Wedding Planner takes in the planning process.

A lot of people wonder if they truly need a planner to help guide them through the process. The answer isn’t always yes – it truly depends on the type of person you are. Some people enjoy the meticulous planning, the forever changing details, and the last minute “can I bring a plus one?”. For those people, we wouldn’t say that you need the assistance in the year leading to your wedding. For the couples that have a difficult time envisioning the details, don’t know where to begin, or to be quite frank have a full time job, then we would like to chat with you! We can help you make those pivotal decisions such as finding a venue, conceptualize a ceremony, design a tablescape, and help shine light on those details that reflect your personalities as a couple.

Regardless of type of pre-planner you are, we will always highly suggest having someone come into assist the month leading to your wedding. You are about to embark on a one day journey that will feel like a 30 minute episode of your favorite show. We are firm in believing that you should not be spending any energy one anything else the person that you about to marry. Clips and heels are what we often referred to by others in the industry. Crocs and fanny packs may be a more realistic version of us in work mode. We are there to make sure Grandma gets to the seat in the front row, the Flower Girl has the petals in her basket, the Officiant lapel microphone is on, that Uncle Tim doesn’t speak too long during speeches, to help Aunt Carol who insists on sitting at Table 10 although she was assigned to Table 7 - which means moving chairs and updating the kitchen on a new table head count. The steps that we put in on wedding days are impressive. It doesn’t matter how exhausted we are we will always leave with a smile on our face. We helped bring someone’s day to life and how incredible is that. Let us handle the stress, so you can enjoy the day.

-The Eventists

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Photography by Emma Lee Photography

Photography by Emma Lee Photography